Best Beekeeping Suits

Best Beekeeping Suits

This is why anyone who considers themselves a beekeeper is required to always wear the correct equipment and clothing so that they can remain as safe as possible while handling their hive, and the beekeeping suit is definitely the most important piece of equipment that is considered a necessity, no matter how many bees you are caring for.

So that you can remain comfortable and protected at all times, we’ve put together 6 of the best beekeeping suits that are on the market right now along with a little information on what makes each of them unique so that you know which will suit your situation the best.

Why Is A Beekeeping Suit So Important?

When the bees in a hive are cooperative and not going out of their way to act aggressive or hostile, then it makes for a much easier experience for the beekeeper who will be able to freely move the hive and its insides around without fear of getting hurt, but the truth is that bees can be very unpredictable, and it only takes one to cause some serious damage to a human.

Therefore, a beekeeping suit is first and foremost crucially important because it protects us from getting stung, and as anyone with any amount of beekeeping experience will know, this is vital because things can go bad very quickly if a carer makes too many mistakes.

Additionally, a beekeeping suit also protects the wearer from making any mess on their street clothes from stains and grime that can easily land on a person when dealing with a hive.

Finally, while beekeeping is very fun and offers many benefits, the fear of being stung can take a lot of the enjoyment out of it, but it can also prevent a beginner from improving their skills and knowledge of beekeeping, so using a beekeeping suit can also help you feel more confident in your abilities and allow you to become much more experienced a lot quicker.

6 Best Beekeeping Suits


Beekeeping Suit Apiarist Beekeeping Jacket with Sheepskin Gloves & Ventilated Fencing Veil Hood Professional Beekeeper Suit Outfit Total Protection for Backyard Professional and Beginner Beekeepers-XL

While many beekeeper suits will provide multiple layers of protection made from the most premium and high-quality materials, you should always take into consideration how many hives and bees you are dealing with since you may not need a suit as big and bulky if you are dealing with a much smaller hive.

This suit is designed for beekeepers who are only handling a few small groups of bees who haven’t shown themselves to be too hostile.

It uses a mix of cotton and polyester to create a reliable defense against stings along with providing a great amount of ventilation so you can be sure you won’t get exhausted quickly on those warmer days.

The detachable head fencing uses a black patented mesh which makes it sturdy while also giving the wearer excellent visibility, and the elasticity bands used on the wrists, ankles, and waist mean that this suit provides a little more maneuverability which is always important since you will be required to bend down and squat so often while beekeeping.

Overall, while it may not be the most premium suit on the market, for the cheap price point, it’s perfect for beekeepers who are only dealing with a few bees at once and want a significant amount of protection that also feels comfortable to wear.


  • Light black patented head fencing veil provides a good amount of visibility
  • Elasticity bands make it easy to move around in
  • Cotton and polyester provide great protection against smaller hives
  • Very cheap for very good quality


  • Zips are fairly low quality and not very durable
  • Only 3 size options to choose from


Brutul Bee 3 Layer Beekeeping Ultralight Ventilated Suit with Fencing Veil (Khaki, L)

If you don’t mind spending a little extra so that you can get the maximum amount of protection possible when handling a beehive, this khaki-colored suit features 3 layers that all use different materials and are designed to make it impossible for any harm to be dealt to the individual.

The first layer is made from strong polycotton with small breathable holes to allow ventilation, while the second layer is constructed using thick latex mesh which helps to provide an extra coat of defense in case any angry bees manage to puncture the first layer after continuous stinging.

The third and final layer is again made of thick polycotton, making this one of the bulkiest and safest suits on the market.

This does mean that the suit is definitely on the slightly heavier side, however, because of how tight knit the design is, along with the fact that you get such an array of choices in terms of the size you want to pick, it means you can choose a suit which is exactly to your liking that won’t end up dragging you down by being too baggy.

This suit also features ventilated pockets which are very deep and extremely handy for storing any extra resources or tools that you may need such as a smoker or bee brush.

The fencing veil is fairly lightweight and includes a double-slider metal zipper, making it easy to put down without having to actually remove it. All in all, this is one of the best suits on the market in terms of protection, and while it is a little more expensive, it’s perfect for both beginner and experienced beekeepers alike.


  • 3 layer design offers maximum protection
  • Plenty of sizes ranging from small to XL
  • Deep ventilated suit pockets so you can keep equipment close by
  • Very convenient metal zipper opening for the veil


  • Slightly heavier and less elastic than its competition



While the beekeeping suit is definitely the most important piece of equipment that a beginner will need to buy before they get started taking care of a hive of bees, (see also: A Beginner’s Guide On Where To Buy Bees)there are plenty of other tools that are also necessary, and this package includes a few additional pieces of equipment that come with the suit to make it a fantastic option for those who are just getting started with beekeeping.

The thickened beekeeping suit itself is of very good quality, using thickened fabric to provide a good amount of protection against angry bees while also keeping the suit light and breathable.

This means that while the suit will provide decent protection, it mainly prioritizes being flexible and comfortable, so while it will work well for beginners, you may want to upgrade when you acquire more bees in the future. The suit also comes with two essential beekeeping tools, a hive brush and a scraper.

The scraper is also known as the hive tool, and it is a multipurpose tool that is primarily used for scraping and cleaning wax and propolis from the frames of the hive, however, it can also be used to remove wild comb or drone comb.

The brush on the other hand is used to gently remove bees from a surface without aggravating them with both tools being essential to becoming an efficient beekeeper, and the best part is the suit features three different pockets where you can keep these extra pieces of equipment for when you need them.


  • Very cheap price point
  • Hive brush and scraper are included with the purchase
  • The thickened fabric allows for great ventilation and flexibility
  • Fencing is very visible and can be removed for cleaning
  • A great choice for beginners


  • Single-layer suit that isn’t designed for long-term durability
  • The fit can feel a little too tight (Buying the size up is recommended)


Sting Proof Premium 3 Layer Unisex White Mesh Beekeeping Suit Ultra Ventilated Beekeeping Suit Fencing Veil-2XL

Providing a great balance between protection and comfortability, this beekeeping suit designed by the extremely reputable CocobeeUSA company is equipped with 3 layers of thick fabric material that allows the suit to still be incredibly breathable but also padded enough so that you won’t feel any harsh stings while handling the bees.

The 3 layers also make the suit incredibly durable, just in case one layer becomes damaged after prolonged use, you will still have plenty of protection for a long while down the road, so while it can seem a little pricey, because of how much use you can get out of this suit, it is well worth it.

While this amount of layers would usually make the suit heavier, this suit actually implements a few unique design choices to make it as lightweight as possible including a removable veil hood, elastic waist and wrists, and even thumb holds which make it much easier to hold something using gloves without having to worry about it slipping away, which is always useful when handling the inside of a hive.

The 8 different sizes all come in different prices, giving you a good amount of options depending on how much you are willing to spend, and the extra gloves make this suit even more worth it for the price.


  • 3 layer design offers very good protection
  • Incredibly lightweight despite being so bulky
  • Thumb holds make it much easier to handle hives and bees
  • 8 different sizes that come in different prices
  • Small holes in the fabric make it very breathable in hotter months


  • Legs are slightly too long for each size


Premium Beekeeping Suit Jacket with Removable Fencing Veil Hood, Beekeeper Goatskin Gloves for Professional Beekeepers (XL)

This high-quality cotton suit offers a great amount of protection from stings or any mess, but while the padding and design of the suit itself is good, it’s the veil that helps this suit stand out and makes it unique.

While body protection is important, it’s also extremely vital to have a good veil not only because it can protect your face from any potential harm dealt by angry bees, but also so you can see exactly what you’re handling which is crucial for when you are scraping comb away and removing bees since doing these things require a lot of patience and care.

The veil is where this suit shines, being made out of high-quality breathable mesh that will remain sturdy while also allowing you to breathe easily and granting full clear visibility.

While some veils will be attached to the suit, which can be a little annoying when you want to clean it, the veil used on this suit is equipped with sturdy zippers that allow you to remove it without a hitch.

Because of this, the veil is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean so that you don’t lose any visibility due to damage or stains that can show up on the veil after prolonged use, especially when you’re getting up close and personal with the hive to clean it out.

While the padding on the body and legs is therefore considered fairly standard for this suit, it is still optimal enough for beginner moderately experienced beekeepers, and the veil is one of the easiest to handle and clean that you can find.


  • The veil of the suit can be removed and cleaned effortlessly
  • High-quality cotton provides good protection from stings and stains 
  • Comfortable fit for each size
  • Goatskin gloves and veil pouches included


  • No small size is available
  • A few loose threads can become annoying and often get stuck in the zippers


Oz Armour Beekeeping Suit Ventilated, Fencing & Round Brim Hat (XXX-Large)

OZ Armour is known for selling incredibly high-quality products that are often very expensive, but are designed to last for a very long time due to how well they balance being both comfortable and protective, and that’s definitely the case with their beekeeping suit which features a whole range of design implications and features that make it unique.

The three-layer mesh used for the body is incredibly durable and will guarantee that you don’t feel any stings while caring for your bees, however, it also comes with an extra layer of sweat absorbance, meaning it’s very breathable and comfortable even when you’re wearing it for a few hours at a time.

The leg-high zippers and ankle velcro make it so that you can adjust how comfortable the suit feels on your legs and feet, rather than having to hope that it fits your size after you buy it.

The fencing hood is made from a strong and sturdy Italian mesh which can be slightly darker than many other hoods you will find, but the extra protection is always an added bonus, especially because it means this part of the suit, which is usually the first to break down, will last you a very long time.

To top it off, the sturdy YKK zippers used around the suit are manufactured so that they will last for the long term, providing you with a suit that can seem a little expensive at first, but is well worth it if you know you want to be a beekeeper for at least several more years, or even the rest of your life.


  • High-quality and incredibly protective three-layer mesh material
  • Leg-high zippers and ankle velcro allow you to adjust the comfortability
  • YKK zippers are extremely sturdy and designed to last
  • Italian mesh makes the fencing hood firm and durable
  • The suit is very breathable and features a layer of sweat absorbance


  • The hood can be a little harder to see out of
  • Very expensive

Best Beekeeping Suits Buying Guide


Fabric and cotton are usually the ideal materials for beekeeping suits because they provide a good amount of protection while still feeling lightweight and breathable. Alongside the material, it’s important to always pay attention to the number of layers that a suit is manufactured with.

The more layers that are included, the more protected the suit will be, but this will also make it slightly bulkier and heavier to wear, so it’s good to keep this in mind, especially when you want a suit to be as comfortable as possible to wear.

Veil Visibility

Most veils and hoods that you will find will be made with mesh so that they remain comfortable while still granting enough visibility. It’s important to always carefully analyze how dark the material is on the veil before you buy it since the darker it is, the harder it will be to see what you are handling.

Extra Equipment

Goatskin gloves, scrapers, and hive brushes are just a few pieces of equipment that can come with a suit purchase which can end up saving you a tremendous amount of money in the long term, especially if you’re a beginner who is trying to gather all the tools you need to get started.


No matter whether you’re a brand new beekeeper, or someone who has been caring for these small and furry winged insects for a few years, buying the right suit is so important so that you can handle your hive without receiving a few nasty stings which can ruin the whole experience, so consider picking up one of these fantastic beekeeping suits that are all guaranteed to keep you comfortable and protected.

Thomas Callaghan
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