Does Lysol Kill Bees?

Today, let’s dive into a buzzing topic that often raises a few eyebrows: Does Lysol kill bees?  The quick answer is: Yes, Lysol does effectively kill most flying insects, not just bees. Lysol is strong enough to repel wasps, hornets, and other pesky pests. That said, we’ll explore the ins and outs of using Lysol

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Does Cedar Oil Kill Bees?

Question: Does cedar oil pose a threat to our essential pollinators? Answer: No. Cedar oil is completely safe to use near or around bees. Also known as Cedarwood oil, this conifer-derived solution is generally considered safe for bees and other pollinators. As beekeepers, it’s essential to know the balance between natural pest control and the

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Carniolan vs. Italian Bees: Differences, Pros, and Cons

Choosing between Italian and Carniolan bees comes down to various characteristics. You might favor the Italian’s calmer disposition or the Carniolan bee’s stronger disease resistance. Each species has its differences, pros, and cons that can cater to your requirements and beekeeping skill level. For instance, novice beekeepers will likely prefer working with Italian bees for

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