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Thomas Callaghan

Thomas and his grand kids in bee suits

Hey everyone! My name is Thomas, and I own my own farm in rural California. It is the perfect place for a thriving agricultural business, with the perfect climate for keeping bees! On the farm, I like to keep my bees safe, and I sell honey and honeycomb products sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Being an avid bee enthusiast, I know the importance bees have on our climate and planet. That is why I try to educate others about bees, how they survive, and how we can make their lives easier through the process of beekeeping. I also ensure that the colonies on the farm are protected at all times.

I have always had an affinity for nature, having loved hiking and birdwatching in my younger years, so now I want to spread the word and my passion for nature to all those I meet. This is what inspired me to create wanted to create a space where myself and others could go and learn more about one of nature’s greatest creations: bees!

Whether you have come here to learn about bees in general, or you want to know more about bumble bees and honeybees, then I can answer your questions for you. My granddaughter Britney is here with me. She’s more tech savvy and runs the site, whereas I am what I like to call an ‘expert’ in all things bees. I hope that our passion for these animals shines through in our articles, and you too can share in our love of bees. 

Britney Callaghan

Hi! I am Britney, Thomas’ (favorite) granddaughter! Just kidding, I’m the only granddaughter! My grandpa has always ensured that we can grow up in a loving, thriving environment, and has always had us to stay on the farm with him and my grandma over the weekends, summers and holidays. As a child, I loved nothing more than hanging out with the animals, learning about farm life, and finding out about all the best practices and tricks to keep a farm like his up and running.

In school, I have learned about the importance of maintaining the planet, and being as environmentally friendly as possible for as long as I can remember. When I first learned about how bees could go extinct and are becoming endangered, I just wanted to find out everything I could about these creatures and what we could do to protect them.

Of course, I had one of the biggest bee enthusiasts on my side, and when he said we should create a site to spread the word- I knew I had to help! So, here we are. My grandpa has so much to offer in terms of tricks and tips for beekeeping, facts about how bees thrive, and I can help put those words to paper, or screen on this website.

With our efforts, our teamwork and love of bees, we hope that together we can really make a difference and ensure bees are around forever. Join us at to clear your mind and become your true self.


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