Why Do We Feed Bees In The Spring?

Bees are totally crucial for the continued safety of our planet. As the leading pollinators in the world, bees are necessary for ensuring the health of plant life.

Why Do We Feed Bees In The Spring?

Without pollination from bees, much of the food we eat would no longer exist, as many ingredients require pollination to grow fully. 

In order to help bees to help us, we need to ensure they receive a diet of all of the things they need.

But what should bees feed on in the Spring? If you keep bees, or you simply want to help any local bees, then read on below for answers!

What Should You Feed Bees In The Spring?

Most of the time, bees do not actually need to be fed by humans as they are largely self-sustaining and able to find their own food. 

However, some years bees may need a little bit of extra help to produce a good yield of honey. This can be the case when there is less food around them to choose from.

Most of the time if beekeepers get the sense that honey yields may be affected, or that bees may not survive over the course of a year, then they may intervene with feeding. 

Beekeepers often feed bees a small amount of sugar syrup across the year to help them to have enough liquid and energy to last much of the year.

If you have ever helped a bee that looked like it was in danger, you’ve likely fed it a drop of sugar water before, and this act largely follows the same principles.

Generally, if you plan to feed bees in the Spring, whether a single bee or a whole hive, you should try to use sugar syrup. 

Why Do Beekeepers Feed Bees In The Spring?

One of the main reasons why beekeepers tend to go about feeding their bees in the Spring, if they deem it necessary, is because it is beneficial for the whole hive.

It has been widely acknowledged that good feeding during the Spring season can stimulate a queen bee to lay much faster, and with much greater yields. 

This means that the hive will be better equipped to survive the challenges ahead and that the hive will be able to produce more honey overall. 

To Conclude

Feeding bees in the Spring is very important because it helps the hive to survive into the rest of the year ahead.

Luckily, feeding bees is incredibly easy, as all you need is a little bit of sugar to get the job done. This could be some sugar dissolved into water or some sugar syrup!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Ratio For Spring Bee Feeding?

Generally, the bee food you make should have 50% sugar content and 50% water content. 

What Do You Feed Bees In April?

Provided the feed for bees has plenty of sugar you should be fine. Try and give them a syrup solution.

How Long Should I Feed My Bees In The Spring?

Make sure to stop feeding your bees sugar water when there is enough honey for them to survive winter.

Thomas Callaghan
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