do wasps pollinate

Do Wasps Pollinate?

When we consider the difference between wasps and bees, it very often comes down to the public perception of each of the two insects. While most people love bees, thanks to their adorable fuzzy appearance, and their ability to create honey, many people similarly revile wasps as dangerous pests that serve only to cause pain […]

Are Yellow Jackets Pollinators

Are Yellow Jackets Pollinators?

The short answer is yes, yellow jackets are pollinators. Despite being a predatory wasp these insects are actually highly beneficial for the environment. They are able to stay active in temperatures that most other insects are not able to tolerate. That being said, a freezing winter can kill these wasps off quickly.  In this article

What Is The Yellow-Faced Bumblebee (1)

What Is The Yellow-Faced Bumblebee?

You might have heard of all sorts of bumblebees, from the honeybee right the way through to the carpenter bee. But one you might not have heard about is the yellow-faced bumblebee. This bee is a very common bee in North America. As you probably might have been able to tell by the name, this

How Can You Spot The Honey-Bee Vs. The Carpenter Bee

How Can You Spot The Honey-Bee Vs. The Carpenter Bee?

Bees are the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating as well as making honey. From a distance, all bees might look the same, but you might already be aware that there are thousands of different species of bees, two of those being the honeybee and the carpenter bee. If you put

Species Breakdown: Metallic Green Bee [Augochloropsis Metallica]

Species Breakdown: Metallic Green Bee [Augochloropsis Metallica]

Have you ever seen a bee with metallic green coloring? Meet the Augochloropsis metallica, also known as the metallic green bee. This fascinating species is a subject of interest for many entomologists and conservationists.  With its unique physical characteristics and behaviors, understanding this bee’s role in the ecosystem is crucial for preserving biodiversity. In this

The Mason Bee Physicality

Species Breakdown: Mason Bee [Heriades Sp, Neotrypetes]

Bees take all different shapes and forms, whether it be those smaller bees that nest in hives or those larger bees that tend to stay in tight-knit family units or all by themselves. Well, one of the latter bees we’re going to be discussing in this article is the Mason Bee. This kind of bee

What Do YellowJackets Eat

What Do Yellow Jackets Eat?

Most people think of insects as pests, however, there are plenty of insects that are not pests and are not harmful either. Some insects help to control the pest populations, instead of helping them.  One of these insects is wasps, they help to maintain the environment, being a massive benefit to their local ecosystems, and

Do Carpenter Bees Sting

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

While you may dread the thought of carpenter bees as soon as spring rolls around, you might be surprised to hear that only the female bees of this variety stings. That is right – if a male carpenter bee is hovering close to you, then you will be happy to know that it will not

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